Our Founder

Our Founder

Kothari International school, spread over a sprawling 8 acre campus, is an educational institution designed to provide children with a unique blend of humanistic values and a contemporary outlook. It combines technology driven modern education with a human touch to cultivate traditional and moral values amongst its students.

The seeds of this unique institution were sown by our revered Founder Mansukh Lal Mahadev Bhai Kothari in the year 2005.

Eldest of 8 children, born in a small village Nirali, Mansukh Lal Mahadev Bhai is a visionary with fortitude and candor. He started his career at a daily wage of Rs.1.25. The diligence, dynamism, hard work and most importantly self-reliance of this extra-ordinary personality have today created one of India’s largest business empires Kothari Products Ltd.

The progressive and high spirited attitude of Mansukh bhai has been inspiring him since his childhood to give back to the society, and it is this feeling that led to the creation of Kothari International school.

The school stands for all the values that our founder believes in. It preaches the philosophy of ahism and compassion. It is committed to the moral, spiritual and ethical development of the students.

We are glad that we have been blessed by the vision of this great individual whom we call Babuji.