Cambridge Head

Message by Cambridge Head

Education in recent times has undergone many transformations, leaving educationists grappling with the novel demands these changes entail. The intrusion and development of technology in shaping educational approaches further complicate the adaptation process. Today, the dynamics of teaching and learning are swiftly evolving, necessitating educators to continuously educate and re-educate themselves to remain pertinent and efficacious in their roles. Learning, unlearning and relearning is the mantra for the success of our educators. We the leaders are responsible for ensuring that our institutions are well-equipped—be it with human, technical, financial, or physical resources—to navigate the constantly shifting educational landscape.

By consistently integrating the latest advancements in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, we believe in designing targeted pedagogical practices that cater to the distinct learning needs and preferences of our students.

Amongst our key partners in our pursuit of excellence are the parents of Kothari International students. We firmly believe that parents support and involvement in aiding their child’s pursuit of excellence is equally vital to that of teachers. Our commitment to transparent and timely communication with parents about their child’s progress and our efforts to actively engage them in contributing to their child’s learning outcomes are pivotal practices at Kothari International.

As we continue our shared journey to shape a promising future for our young scholars, I would like to share an insightful anonymous quote that encapsulates the ethos of our approach at Kothari International: “We will seek unity in crucial things, diversity in important things, and generosity in all things.”

Mrs. Tejinder Kaur (Head of Cambridge)
CAIE Examiner
IB Examiner (ITGS & TOK)
IBEN - Curriculum Developer
IBEN - Programme Leader