Activities & Events

Our Grade 9 students recently explored the keys to success for their favorite organizations! They identified key features that make these businesses stand out, such as innovation, customer experience, and strong brand loyalty. They examined the reasons for choosing these businesses and noted significant growth in recent years, whether in the number of outlets or product diversity.

Our students also provided thoughtful suggestions for further improvement, focusing on sustainability and customer engagement. They discussed the challenges these businesses face, such as economic fluctuations and increasing competition, and analyzed the impact of these challenges on financial performance and market share.

Hooray for our sensational dancers from Kothari International School, Noida, who stole the spotlight and clinched the prestigious Best Dancer award and certificates at the enchanting Virasat Rashtriya Nrityotsava 2024 held at Rajghat, New Delhi!

Anandi Pingle (IGCSE) mesmerized the audience with her classical Kathak performance, leaving us spellbound with her graceful moves and impeccable technique! Their mesmerizing performances left us spellbound, showcasing not just their talent, but also their unwavering dedication and passion for dance!

A huge round of applause to all our students and teachers for their remarkable achievements, marking yet another proud moment in the history of Kothari International School!

We're thrilled to share the fantastic news of our Cambridge students' triumph in the recent Inter-school Badminton Tournament, held at the Poorva Delhi Khel Parisar in Dilshad Garde Delhi. At the Badminton Champions Trophy 2024, our young athletes showcased their talent and determination, bringing home commendable victories.

In the Under-15 Girls Singles category, Etania Pajni from IGCSE 1 secured the Gold medal, while her fellow classmate, Samridhi Dhingra, clinched the Bronze.

Additionally, Etania, paired with a partner, emerged victorious in the Under-15 Girls Doubles category, claiming another Gold medal for our school.

These remarkable achievements stand as a testament to the hard work and skill of our students, guided by the expertise of Coach Neeraj Kushwaha. Join us in celebrating their success and dedication!

IGCSE-1: Fusion of Creativity and AI
This innovative endeavor saw students transforming their descriptive paragraphs into vibrant visual representations, marking a significant step toward exploring the potential of AI within educational environments.

The integration of AI into the curriculum not only challenged our students to refine their descriptive writing abilities but also provided them with a captivating glimpse into the future of education. By bridging the gap between imagination and visualization, the utilization of AI-generated images sparked curiosity, encouraged critical thinking, and nurtured a deeper understanding of the potency of words in crafting intricate mental imagery.

This dynamic experiment highlights our commitment to fostering a learning environment that embraces innovation and prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow. As we continue to explore the possibilities that AI offers in education, we remain dedicated to equipping our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

In the vibrant world of science, practical experiments are like windows opening to a realm of discovery. Recently, the students of IGCSE-2 delved into the fascinating subject of Chemistry through hands-on practical sessions, igniting their curiosity and understanding.

Introduction to Laboratory Basics
Equipped with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, the students embarked on their laboratory journey. The session commenced with an introduction to basic laboratory equipment, setting the stage for a series of intriguing experiments.

Testing the Fundamentals: Acids, Bases, and Beyond
The first practical experiment on the agenda was the testing of acids and bases. Students meticulously tested various transparent solutions, exploring the properties of both dilute and concentrated forms. With precision and focus, they observed the reactions unfold, unraveling the mysteries of pH levels and chemical properties.

Crystallizing Knowledge: Formation of Double Salts
Next on the agenda was the enchanting process of crystallization, specifically focusing on the formation of double salts. Armed with potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate, the students embarked on a journey of solution and transformation. They carefully prepared separate aqueous solutions, skillfully filtered them, and then heated the solutions to the crystallization point. With patience and diligence, they observed as the solutions transformed into exquisite crystalline structures.